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  1. things are great but just a little hectic when rich isn't home, I'm sure you know how that is! having my mom here last week was awesome, she flew out and cleaned my house from top to bottom! how are you doing?

  2. We'll be keeping you in our prayers thru your whole pregnancy! =)

  3. love your Xmas pics!!!!

  4. I love your prayers/scriptures of the day, very inspirational, thank you!

  5. Thanks for all the support you have given me on this site, you are such a wonderful person, oxoxox

  6. he is so perfect, aww sorry this is the first time I have got to see a pic! congrats!

  7. hope your new years went great!

  8. hey girlie, how is the move going?

  9. oh the baby is soo cute!! looks like your daughter is doing good with her, Trin doesn't really like Nehemiah yet? lol