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  1. My mom used to make a "glorified rice" that was simple and tasty. More of a sweet dish with cooked rice, pineapple, marchino cherries, miniture marshmellows (she used the colored ones), and cool whip. I don't remember if she put other stuff in it or not, but I'm sure if you google it or try or you should find something similar.

    Here is one from allrecipes that looks close, but is probably not exactly the same as hers.

  2. The full list... He's allergic to Peanut, soybean, lima bean, navy bean, green pea (just avoiding all legumes), onion, garlic, cantaloupe, and watermelon.

    The problem is the soybean. His SPT showed it to be pretty intense, so the allergist said she wants him off all soy, oil and lecithin included. The regular mixes that I have found (betty crocker, duncan hines, pillsbury, store brands, etc.) all contain some kind of soy. This mix is all organic, and free of soy. It does contain Locust Bean Gum, and I'm not sure if that's something we should be avoiding, but he's eaten it in other things and been fine, so I'm not cutting it right now.

  3. I was worried that I was going to have to make it from scratch, because every mix I looked at had soybean oil in it. I found a Dr. Oetker's Organic Chocolate Cake mix that was less then $3. I had found the Namaste mixes, but one mix was over $7! I swore I'd make it from scratch before I spent that much. I made it tonight, and it looks and smells GREAT! I still have to make some frosting for it, but I'll let you all know how it tastes tomorrow after we cut into it. Hopefully the frosting recipe I have turns out as good as the cake did.

    This is the mix I used...

  4. I do. I had a friend that would buy them when they were reduced price to make banana bread with. If she wasn't making it right away she would freeze the bananas. Her opinion was, "The riper the better". I don't know that I would use some of the ones she did, they were quite bad and probably should have been pitched, but I would use one that were slightly bruised.

  5. I'd try a small batch and see how it goes. They might love it and then you would be on to something. My boys LOVE pancakes, but we never eat them for, don't know why.

    While working in childcare, we once had an abundance of milk that needed to be used or dumped. It was about to expire. I took the cups that we use, set them out on the counter where the kids couldn't see in side them and stuck a drop of assorted food coloring in the bottoms. That day we had magic milk! When I poured it in the cup it changed color. They were in awe, waiting to see what color it was going to turn next. One little guy that always refused milk drank 5 cups that day (3 oz. dixie sized). His mom called me a liar, then said she was stopping off for food color on the way home. We still had to dump a little, but not as much as we would have.

  6. Thanks ladies. I can never get an honest answer out of this guy cause he doesn't want us to go out of our way. He won't ever tell us what he can and can't eat. I tried researching on the web, and could only find books to buy and I'm not buying a book for a once in a while cooking situation.

    Did I mention that I'm NOT a cook, so it would have to be a super easy

  7. DH has a friend coming over for a few days starting with new years eve. Since everything will be crazy busy that night, I want to make a nice dinner here at home. I considered bbq ribs, although I don't know how to make them. I also don't know if our friend could comfortably eat them, since he has IBS.

    :help: Anyone with a good rib recipe (if he can't eat them, I'll make them when he isn't here, since I got a great deal on ribs.) either oven or crockpot, and anyone with insight on cooking for IBS, I could use your advice. What would be a good meal that wouldn't leave him uncomfortable. He will eat whatever I make, just to be polite, but I would like him to enjoy it too. :blush: