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  • Bio Hi- I am a 43 year old married mom of two wonderful kids, Kyle and Kira and I am just trying to get my family back husband left to find work in South Carolina where his Mom is in March '07 and my children have been up north with my sister since Sept. '07 as I had knee surgery, and now I just quit my job to try and get my house packed up and gone so I can take everyone to South Carolina to be with Eric. I am new to this type of thing as all I ever do is pay bills online and I am quite shy and don't know what to talk to people about; so I guess I am being brave LOL I look forward to meeting new people (Lord knows I need it) and getting the family back together. Michelle
  • Real Name Michelle
  • Husband's Name Eric
  • Kids Kyle(5yrs) and Kira(16months)

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