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  1. brown the hamburger


    mix in taco seasoning (optional, but I use 1 pkt for 2lbs hamburger just for the taste)

    put into a boiling pot

    add catalina dressing (dependant on how much hamburger you make and how many you are cooking for)

    crunch up some Doritos (not all)

    add shredded lettuce

    add shredded cheese (use taco, nacho...I use the mexican blend)

    mix it together

    add some more Doritos (broken in half, not totally crunched up)

    mix it again

    add some more cheese to melt on top

    and let it cool!

    SOOOO YUMMY!!!!!

    I also add dark red kidney beans for a kick and use Tostitos in the salad, putting dressing on all after everything's mixed up (not with meat)


    I gave this one to MBEST last month and she made it...and said everyone loved it!