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Welcome to the Mom2MomList message boards!

Please read the following before participating. We are a community of moms who enjoy shopping at mom-to-mom resale events in southeastern Michigan. The boards have grown amazingly fast over the past year, and as we grow, our way of doing things here may change too. Most of our decisions and guidelines are based on the feedback we get from our members.

Please follow these rules and guidelines:

* You must stay active to remain a member of the boards. We don't require much - just one post a month, which can be accomplished very easily. We have this rule to try and discourage 'lurking' - basically this means eavesdropping on our members. We highly encourage you to become actively involved and get to know our members.

* Certain privileges will only become available to you after you make 25 posts and promote to a "MegaMember". Most importantly, the personal messager system (PM).... To prevent people joining to just PM advertisements to our members, we require you to become active by reaching at least 25 posts before the PM system will function for you.

* Do not come here simply to post an advertisement. If you have a business, you are welcome to subscribe to our packages for business advertising. We do not allow any other advertising on our boards. Please do not make mention of your business in your signature line.

* If you would like to buy, sell, or trade any of your gently used children's or household items, please use our "For Sale or Trade" boards. These can be found under the "Shopping & Swapping" category heading. Please do not post duplicate ads for the same items... Pick the most appropriate category, and post your ad there. You can post once for each item, or include similar items in one post - whichever you prefer. Nobody can reply to your post, so please make sure you include complete contact information. You are welcome to edit your post as needed, and please remove your post, or ask us to remove your post, once the item is sold (use the "report post to moderator" feature to do this). If your item hasn't sold after one month, ask us to remove your original post, and then you can repost your ad.

* The "Sales Sound-off" board is for you to post comments and/or constructive criticisms about sales that you personally have attended. No bashing will be allowed!! Sale organizers have a tough job, and they may come and read your comments and respond to them. Please respect their feelings, and make sure you point out the good things too!

* No bashing or "flaming" will be tolerated. If you have a problem with another member, please settle it in private, and don't make it everyone else's problem. But do not go as far as harrassing any other member - sometimes it's best to just agree to disagree and let things go, to move on. We are here to support each other, not hurt each other.

* Some boards have rules specific for those boards. Please check the top of each board for notices, and also any "pinned" posts on each particular board, before posting. For example, on the "Things To Do" board, we do not allow invitations to any events being held in a private home.

* Most importantly, we are not responsible for what takes place on our boards. Because this is a local site, it is common for moms to plan get-togethers and/or arrange to buy or sell each other's items. Please remember this is the internet, a very anonymous virtual world, so use your best judgement and precautions when meeting someone that you don't know.

Please feel free to email us with any questions at any time, regarding use of the message boards.

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