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Thank you for submitting your sale to be listed on our website and "pink list". If you haven't listed your sale yet, you can find the form to do so by clicking here. Your sale will usually be listed within 24 hours, but sometimes it could take 2-3 days. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you take the time to double-check your listing for accuracy, as we are all human and either you or we could have made mistakes. You will find our lists here:   Fall or Spring

Please remember to fulfill your commitment to distribute the lists in whichever way you chose on your "List My Sale" form. Most importantly, if you chose to have us mail or deliver your lists, please take a moment to write your check and put it in the mail right now. If you need to, click here to re-read the details. As always, if you have any comments or questions regarding your listing, please feel free to email us at any time: 

Organizer's Exchange
A password-protected message board is available just for sale organizers. This is to share hints & tips, ask for advice, work together to pick dates for sales, and whatever else would benefit you as organizers. If you are an organizer, and would like the password to use this board, email and tell me which sale you are in charge of. I will verify this against our records, and then send you a password. To get to our message boards, click here

Get a webpage for your resale event for just $10!
We will create a one-page web advertisement for your sale on our website. It will match the design of our site, with our navigation menu at the top, so that it flows with the rest of our site. The body of the page will contain all the details that you would like included about your sale. We can link to your contract in a text file or Microsoft Word file that you provide. Page will be provided for a maximum of 6 months. To keep your page up year-round (permanently), your cost would be $20.
(Additional features and changes to original set-up for an additional fee)

After your sale is over, please advice your table renters that there are places that take donations of unsold items. For example, there is Second Hand Rose (Mt. Clemens) that is very happy to take the items. They support Turning Point - a safehouse for abused women and children. Also, you can donate to CareNet Pregnancy Information Center in Berkley (#248-545-6411).

To list your sale, Click Here! and fill out our simple form.

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